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Business Working Capital


Looking for A Business Loan ?
Get a Business Cash Advance !


A Convenient Alternative To Bank Loans

Clover Capital purchases a set dollar amount of your future
credit card receivables at a discount.

Up to 130% of your monthly credit card total processed.

In exchange, the merchant receives cash, making it simple to turn future sales
into working capital with clear and easy payback terms. 


  • Quick Approval

    • The qualification process is much speedier than traditional loans - approvals typically take 1-2 business days with an 85% approval rate for merchants who meet minimum qualification requirements.

  • Fast Funding

    • Once approved, merchants will see working capital in their bank account in just 2-3 business days and it happens with no collateral, no personal guarantee, no fixed term, no fixed payment amount, no predatory fee structures and no aggressive collections tactics.

  • Easy Payback

    • Payments are a fixed percentage of sales, not a fixed amount. This means payments are higher when sales are strong and lower when sales are slow.


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